Introduction to Prelaw Advising at Empire State College

What is prelaw advising?

Prelaw advising involves fielding questions from students considering applying to law school and interested in entering the legal profession. The prelaw advisor attempts to address procedural questions, provide statistical data, serve as a sounding board for students' concerns (with regard to their potential decision to embark on a law-related career), and offer guidance and direction when a student seeks it.

Here at Empire State College, our students are distinctive in that they have their own set of concerns as individuals and as a group. As a group, Empire State College students tend to be slightly older than students from other undergraduate institutions. In general, this should be considered as a positive factor given the broad and diversified level of experience which they bring to the table in contrast to other applicants to law school. Individually Empire State College students emanate from various professions and backgrounds. The latter also provides the individual Empire State College student with advantages and opportunities that are most valuable in the law school application process.

Justin Giordano Justin A. Giordano, Esq.

Mentor Justin Giordano has been a full-time member of the Empire State College faculty since September 1992. He holds an M.B.A. in finance and a Juris Doctor degree. He is licensed to practice law in the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and is admitted to the United States Supreme Court and other federal courts.

As a member of the Empire State College faculty, Justin Giordano teaches/mentors in the area of Business, Management and Economics. In addition to teaching a full spectrum of business-related studies, he also specializes in business law and the legal environment, entertainment law, international legal transactions, constitutional law, and a number of other law related studies. He has also taught entertainment law and international law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, CA.

Justin Giordano's office is located in New York City at the Metropolitan Center of Empire State College, 325 Hudson Street, Fifth Floor, NY, NY 10014. He can be reached via telephone at 212-647-7800, by email at, or, of course, by visiting him at his office in Manhattan (appointments preferred).