Community Cafés

The virtual community cafés focus on a different wellness-related theme each month. We aim to address issues of social justice, diversity, and equity with regards to personal and community health. These conversations build community and collective wisdom and reinforce relationships developed in the individual residency classes. Residency students are required to attend three of the four fall term cafés. Non-residency students, alumni, and outside guests are invited to attend the cafés. All are welcome!

The cafés are held once a month on Mondays from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Please use this link to register for the any of the upcoming dates.

Fall 2021 Community Café Dates:

Monday, Sept. 13, Oct. 18, Nov. 8, and Dec. 13. 
5:30 - 7:30 p.m. on Zoom (link will be provided)

September 13 - Whole Health Living: Celebrating the Duality of Fall
Autumn is the favorite season for many with its crisp air and vibrant colors. Yet, it's also a season of loss: the loss of summer activities, family interactions, and blooming gardens. Additionally, in fall, school and work schedules can create a daunting matrix of responsibilities. Whole health living invites us to consider this season as a contemplative, internally focused, and peaceful time, as fall is both a time to gather (in every sense of the word) and a time to begin to focus inward, to thrive and grow on the inside. Join us for conversation and exploration of fall's duality, tending to our internal growth and outward responsibilities. Dimensions of the WHL wheel: spiritual, physical, and emotional

October 18 - Whole Health Living: Work-Life Balance
Consider the most important dimensions of your life, physical, emotional, spiritual, social, vocational, intellectual, environment, and financial. When you reflect simply on the last week of your life, are you allotting the amount of physical, emotional, and spiritual energy to those dimensions that are most important to you? How do we prioritize growing, developing, and living in the ways we value? How do we get into the driver’s seat of our own time management? If you have tips on work-life balance, please join us and share your strategies. If you have doubts or struggle with work-life balance, please join us to explore why this balance challenges so many. We'll consider obstacles we can work around and ways to deal with those we cannot change. Dimensions of the WHL wheel: social, vocational, intellectual, and family

November 8 - Whole Health Living: Creative Conflict Resolution
Conflict can inspire growth and positive change. Many would agree that resolving conflict is essential for peace and stability. So, what prevents conflict resolution when issues arise among families, communities, societies, or nations? What interferes with addressing conflicts in direct, respectful, and constructive ways? Please join our Cafe to discuss how "to say what you mean without being mean." Think of who you recognize as savvy conflict resolution role models. What strategies do they (or you) use to encourage open dialog and creative solutions to engender positive change? Dimensions of the WHL wheel: emotional, physical, spiritual, and vocational

December 13 - Whole Health Living: Inspire Joy and Create Mindful Celebrations
Many of us spend part of November reflecting on that for which we are grateful. Inevitably, this means reflecting on the past year, and collecting memories that bring us joy. Many of us will soon make New Year’s Resolutions. Join us while we will re-evaluate our dreams, ambitions and goals. Be present as we prepare to make changes in the coming year. What would it look like to spend some time in the present? What would you celebrate, honor, release, or change if you settled into the present moment for your reflections? Meet for a conversation about the many ways and items we can celebrate during the winter solstice. Bring your diversity lenses and an open heart. Let’s provide some time to think holiday celebration that is neither past nor future, but right now. Dimensions of the WHL wheel: spiritual, family, social

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