President's Club Membership

We gratefully recognize and acknowledge the contributions of our most committed employees, alumni and friends who share the college’s vision and demonstrate their commitment through their leadership support of $500 or more.

A. Lindsay and Olive B. O'Connor Foundation
Nicola Marae Allain
Ralph A. Aloe '04
Jane W. Altes
American Endowment Foundation
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Org
Keith Amparado '88
Taimi M. Arnold
Morton '83, '95 and Florence Bahr
Holly L. Balmer '11
Bank of New York Company Mellon Corporation
Constance M. Barker '84
Guy Bassini '11
Frederick W. Baum
John '94 and Jane Beckem
Eunice H. Bell
Meg Benke
Bergen County United Way
BNY Mellon Pershing
Richard Bonnabeau
Linda '74 and Paul Bradley
VanRil A. Brown '00
Osmond Brown '80
Elizabeth Bruce
Evelyn '99 and Francis Buchanan
Burnt Hills-Baltson Lake Rotary
Cynthia Callahan
Estate of Patricia M. Callahan '94
Steven P. Capone '88
Robert B. Carey
Rita D. Carozza
Mark L. Castle
Philip B. Catchings
Kevin Chau '17
Daren S. Chentow '98, '02
Mark S. Claverie
Communications Workers of America-District 4
Robert Congemi
Marian Conway '96, '01, '04
Brenda L. Copeland '92, '94
John '94 and Jane Corrou
Kira A. Craft '13
Jane Cudmore
Brian F. Curran '80
Jason Cuthbert '03
Lisa D'Adamo-Weinstein
William P. and Susan Law Dake
Gordon '87 & Elaine Darrow
Merle Debuskey
Ruth M. Decker '74
Patrice M. DeCoster '03
Jeames F. Del Rossi '96
Kristen Delaney '12
Yolanda DeVenanzi
Elaine M. Donohue '79
Todd and Ellen Downing
Dyson Foundation
Jesse Eisenberg
Maurice Edwards
Anthony S. Esposito
Margaret T. Evans
Tina '97 and Wayne Evans
Catherine M. Fager '88
Christopher '86 and Diane Feeley
Barbara '91 and Andrew Ferrari
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Anita P. Fiorillo '76
Joel Fisher '14
Eileen Flannelly '10
Fred and Floy Willmott Foundation
General Electric Co./GE Foundation
Fraydun Foundation Inc
Michael Frontino '17
David Fullard
Joseph L. Garcia
Gerald W. Gentner '74
Emma A. Gomez '79, '81
Robert P. Goodman '83
Jim and Liz Hall
Merodie A. Hancock
Deena Rosenberg Harburg
Heritage Fund
Willis '90 and Shirley Hilker
Susan McDaniel Hohenhaus '03, '05
Mary C. Houston
Stewart W. and Wilma C. Hoyt Foundation
Elizabeth Hurley
I-Deal Self Storage, LLC
Insidetrack, Inc.
Scott T. Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Diane M. Julian '01
James '79 and Christine '93 Karcher
Marlene '81 and Alan Kaufman
Joseph and Bernice Kennedy
Galina I. Krasskova '07
Rhoda M. Kratenstein '90
Maureen Kravec
Joellen F. Kunkel '94
Laborers' International Union of North America LIUNA
Lake Placid Education Foundation
Lydia '13 and Roy Landesberg
Robert '98 and Kathryn Lento
Katherine J. Lewis '93
Long Island Community Foundation
John B. Look '87
Althea E. Luehrsen '02, '10
Lumina Foundation
Dorothy Lysyczyn '94, '05
James W. Lytle
John Maggiore
Donna Mahar
Jim Malatras
Joseph '80, '06 and Laurel Anne Mancino
Alan Mandell
Michela Manocherian
Christopher Ray and Janine Markham
Maritime Trades Department, AFL-CIO
Jay R. Marshall '06, '08
Ada L. Martinez '14
David '10 and Joy Mazzetti
Margaret McAloon
William T. McAlpin '95
Shirley M. McClary
Col. James D. McDonough, Jr.
Alison McGrath Peirce '78
Margaret Mary McNamara '78
Maureen Meloy '92
Friedhilde H. Milburn '74
Joseph and Beth Moore
Christopher S. Moses '95
Michael '76 and Pat Murray
New York Community Bank Foundation
Mitchell S. Nesler
Bridget Nettleton
Ann Nicholson Wright
Corey A. Niswender '13
Northern New York Community Foundation, Inc
Janice Mary Novello '83
Deborah L. Oberhofer '05
Barbara A. O'Connell '76
Maryann C. Osborn '10
Anthony Paganucci '16
Theodore M. Pappas
Dean C. Paton '06
John Paton Incorporated
Sarita Patterson Roy '76
Jeffrey B. Pascal '90, 92
Janice '98 and Angelo Pastizzo
Patrick D. Paul '94
Jennifer L. Pettis '12, '17
Philene Foundation
Brian F. Pine '05
Patricia '97 and Emil Polak
Mary Anne Policastro '10
Michael V. Polito '97
Mary Caroline Powers
Kathleen R. Pugh '89, '91
Raymond James Financial Inc.
Mary Raymond '99, '04
Richmond County Savings Foundation
Robert J. Roach '96
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Inc.
Mark and Maria Rodgers
Joanne and David Rodgers
James '05 and Jeanmarie Roth
Adair J. Russel '89
Marlee Rust
Schwab Charitable Fund
Toni R. Schwartz
Seafarers International Union
Dorothy Semans '82
Claudia Shacter-deChabert '90
Julie Shaw
Nikki Shrimpton
Paul L. Siegel '95
Larry Snavley
Wililam D. Socha '86
Pearl Somner '88
Ellen C. Sperber '80
Michael Spitzer
Stat Staff Professionals
Stewart's Shops/Dake Family
Christopher '96 and Vimala Steadman
Clayton Steen
SUNY Impact Foundation
Catherine M. Szenczy '87
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
The Adirondack Trust Company
The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region
The EMSS Foundation, Inc.
The MVMA Foundation
David Theobald '13, '17
Gal Tirosh '92
Lewis Titterton
Toby K. Tobrocke
Anibal R. Torres
Nancy L. Travers
Susan '72, H'05 and John Turben
Ann S. Turner '86
Vanguard Charitable
Verizon Foundation
Amy J. Vaillancourt '98
Melva Visher '83
Charles V. Wait
Charles V.  Wait, Jr.
Michael T. Walczyk '99
Mabel '79 and Urling Walker
Lynae E. Warren
Linda W. Weiss '83
Estate of Virginia  Weiss '88
Julia O. Wells Memorial Education Foundation
Karen West '84, '95
Barry A. White '96
Dianne and Daniel White
William '93 and Susan '92 Wiand
Isabelle Wilczewski
Linda Wilk '93
Walter Williams
Stephen P. Wink '83
Maureen B. Winney
Christopher Wright '17
David C. Yamada '99
Yip Harburg Foundation

If you find that your name has been omitted, misspelled or recognized incorrectly, we apologize and ask that you bring the mistake to our attention. Please contact:

Stephanie Corp
Director for The Fund for Empire State College
(800) 847-3000 ext. 2773


We are always happy to hear from alumni, students and other friends of the college.

For general inquiries, dial extension 2248.
Our fax number is (518) 580-0700.