Use of Color on the Web

Color on the Web Can be Tricky

Devices (laptops, varied computer monitors, smart phones, etc.) do not render color the same way and not all users see colors the same way. The college developed its standards for using color with these concerns in mind.

For Empire State College’s primary color palette, a range of compelling and complementing colors were selected. A listing of acceptable colors with Hex codes is available at Colors.

Using Color on the Web

  • Don't rely on color alone to convey information.  Make sure the meaning is also clear from the context or HTML markup.
  • Make sure there is enough color contrast between the background and the text in the foreground.

Checking Color

  • A quick and easy way is to print the page in black and white.  Is it understandable without color?  Is text readable against the background?
  • Two online tools are almost as quick to use.
    • Vischeck: simulates how color-blind users see your page; can test graphics as well as pages.
    • WebAIM Color Contrast Checker: tests the level of contrast between the color of text and the color of the background.

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