Empire State College Institutional Review Board - Roster

Academic UnitFirst Term*Name
Grad - Business, Management and Leadership Spring 2017 Sylwia Starnawska
Grad - Education
Spring 2017
Ajay Das
Grad - Liberal Arts and Sciences
Spring 2017
Roxana Toma
School of Arts and Humanities
Fall 2016
Anastasia Pratt
School of Business
Summer 2020
Sewon Kim
School of Human Services Spring 2017 Lynette Nickleberry Stewart (Chair)
School of Nursing and Allied Health
Fall 2017
Kimberly Balko
School of Science, Math and Technology
Summer 2020
Diane Shichtman
School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Summer 2020 Dan Nyaronga
Biological Sciences Spring 2017 Cathy Davison
Community Member   Maggie Fronk, Domestic Violence/Rape Crisis Services of Saratoga County (518) 583-0280
IRB Compliance Officer (Ex-officio)   Brian Goodale, Office of Partnerships
IRB Secretary   Terri Hilton, Office of Academic Affairs

* 3-year terms, 2 consecutive term limit