Maintaining Web Content

Once web content is live, it must be maintained. Follow the guidelines below to perform normal maintenance on web content for which you are responsible.

If changes are needed that are beyond the scope of normal maintenance, seek assistance through the IT Service Desk.

What does "maintenance" mean?

"Maintenance" means doing the work needed to make sure that all live content on a site is relevant, accurate and current, and that the content is in accordance with applicable policies, standards, guidelines and best practices.  

Maintenance can range from something as simple as correcting a typo on one page, to updating or adding new pages, to something as complex as reorganizing and rewriting the entire site.  

How often should maintenance take place?

The college's "Web Presence and Publishing Policy" requires that all college and college-affiliated web content must be reviewed and, if necessary,  updated at least once per calendar year. 

What happens if content isn't maintained?

At the direction of the VP (or AVP) of Communications and Marketing, web content that has not been maintained as required may be removed from the website.

Who is responsible for maintaining Web content?

Site stewards are responsible for making sure that all their content is reviewed annually and maintained as needed. Stewards may perform the maintenance themselves, or work with the site administrators, subject-matter experts, and others as needed to get the content updated and approved. The specific details of how the maintenance gets done is decided by the steward and may vary from one department to another.

What is beyond the scope of normal maintenance?

Typical cases include, but are not limited to:

  • Changes that site stewards or administrators cannot perform on their own, such as something that requires additional programming or other resources from ITS.
  • Adding new pages or a large amount of new content to a site.
  • Significantly reorganizing and revising the site.
  • Migrating an existing site from its current platform to the college's content management system.

IT Service Desk

888-Help-009 (888-435-7009)

IT Service Desk Quick Start Guide (PDF 766kB)

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to read PDF documents. If it is not installed on your computer, download it for free from Adobe.