Clubs and Organizations

Are you interested in becoming more active in the student community at SUNY Empire? Consider joining one of SUNY Empire's recognized clubs, student organizations, or interest groups.

If there isn't something you’re interested, check out the process to start your own.

Getting involved in a student organization, interest group, or club is the best way to explore new ideas and experiences, as well to make new friends.

SUNY Empire Club and Organization Information

Check back often as new clubs and interest groups are added and information is updated.

Active Minds

Active Minds is a national organization that promotes mental health awareness through chapters on college campuses around the country. The SUNY Empire chapter plans panel discussions, speakers, and other activities to provide information about mental health and to promote help-seeking among students, thereby reducing the stigma around mental health challenges. New members are welcome!

For more information about Active Minds, go to

Contact: Josh Boardman, advisor

Contact Information:

Meeting Information: Third Wednesday of every month at 8pm. Please visit SUNY Empire Connects for links.

Black Male Initiative

Criminal Justice Club


SUNY Empire is proud to offer a collegiate esports program open to all students!

They offer tournament and league play in SUNY Esports and the Eastern Collegiate Athletics Conference (ECAC).

Contact Information:

Meeting Information: Join us on Discord!

Higher Education Leadership Association (EdD)

The Higher Education Leadership Association was created to advance the mission and goals of the SUNY Empire Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership and Change. This includes but is not limited to being a voice for all students in the different cohorts of the program, planning social and educational programming to further the development of our members, assist in the recruitment of future program participants, and to bridge the gap between current students in the program and alumni.

Contact: Jason Fishner, president

Contact Information:

Meeting Information: Scheduled as needed


The Multicultural Club

The Multicultural Club's mission is to engage students to explore intensively various cultures through cultural events and celebrations, presentations, exhibits, student gatherings and other experiences. This mission is premised on the principle that students will learn about other cultures, will derive greatly from interacting with each other, college community, and the community at large, making them more productive students and individuals, as well as expanding their spectrum of knowledge.

Contact: Gohar Marikyan, advisor

Contact Information:

Meeting Information: Second Thursday of each month at 2:00pm.

Music Industry Club

The mission of the Music industry club (MIC) is to promote student engagement and interest in music, the music industry, and to educate and inform students (and alumni) about the industry's latest developments and activities by inviting guest speakers for presentations and panel discussions and related activities.

In addition the club organizes showcases and networking events, as well as outing to concerts at major and minor venues, Broadway plays, and a myriad of similar events.

Contact: Justin Giordano, advisor

Contact Information:

Meeting Information: First Thursday of each month at 6:00, online OR in person at 4 Park Avenue, Manhattan.

Society for Entrepreneurship

The mission of the Society for Entrepreneurship (SFE) is to offer all students (and alumni) who are seeking to become enterpreneurs or otherwise interested in exploring new entreprneurial possibilities, the opportunity to meet, interact and exchange new ideas through discussion with guest speakers, networking and social events (including outings) and as full and varied a spectrum of activities dealing with entrepreneurship.

Contact: Justin Giordano, advisor

Contact Information:

Meeting Information: First Thursday of each month at 6:30pm, online OR in person at 4 Park Avenue, Manhattan.

Sports Industry Club

The mission of the Sports Industry club (SIC) is to offer students (and alumni) interested in sports and the sports industry a vehicle and a forum through which they can come together with other students with the same interests to discuss, learn, and engage in a broad array of activities related to the world of sports. The club organizes (including multi-club joint events) networking activities, presentations with guest speakers, as well as outings to major professional sporting events.

Contact: Justin Giordano, advisor

Contact Information:

Meeting Information: First Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM, online OR in person at 4 Park Avenue, Manhattan.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The SUNY Empire State Student Government Association is there to listen, advocate and engage with students. Whether you're looking to get involved or have a question or idea we're here for you!

For more information about the Student Government Association, visit their website.

Contact: Elizabeth Maxwell, president

Contact Information: or

Meeting Information: Third Tuesday of every month from September through May, please visit SUNY Empire Connects for links and meeting information.

Women in Cyber Security (WiCyS)

The WiCyS organization’s mission is to “help build a strong gender-diverse cybersecurity workforce by facilitating recruitment, retention and advancement for women in the field.”  The WiCyS organization mentors, educates and supports their members in cybersecurity through various programs such as conferences, trainings, student chapters and professional affiliates.

The purpose of the SUNY Empire WiCyS Student Interest Group is to help expose undergraduate and graduate students to many cybersecurity trainings and events, introducing them to areas of cybersecurity they may not have known existed, internships, mentorships, scholarships, career opportunities as well as the opportunity to network and support each other. 

Contact: Georgia Tyner, president

Contact Information: Coming soon

Meeting Information: Coming soon

For those students who are interested in starting their own group, there are a couple different paths one could take when looking to formalize a student group at SUNY Empire.

The three types of groups we recognize are,

  • Interest Group - a group of students who meet to discuss common interests.
  • Club - an officially recognized group of students who elect leadership positions and are able to apply for funding to support initiatives and activities.
  • Organization - an officially recognized body of students that is affiliated with an outside group (ex. Honor society), a specific college department, or a governance group.

SUNY Empire State College is fully committed to enhancing the curricular and co-curricular experience of students. With that in mind, we have set in place these processes to assist students in developing and sustaining student groups.

Please contact Danielle Boardman, coordinator of student life at or 518.587.2100 ext. 2255 if you have any questions or would like to begin the process of forming a student group at SUNY Empire.

SUNY Empire Connects  is a collection of live, virtual programs intended to provide our student community with multiple live, virtual engagement opportunities on a term by term basis. As in-person events begin to be offered, those also will be listed on SUNY Empire Connects.

If an existing student group has any upcoming events, open office hours, or open meetings, those will all be listed via the SUNY Empire Connects platform. All students are welcome to join, so check them out!


For questions regarding clubs and organizations at SUNY Empire feel free to contact the Office of Student Life at


We’re here to help.

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