Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice by action of the SUNY Board of Trustees.

Effective with the January 2014 term

NYS ResidentsCreditsTuition per Term
Students must live in NYS for 12 months and intend to make NY their permanent home (domicile) in order to receive NYS resident rates.
$245 per credit
$2,935 plus $245 for each additional credit over 16
Out-of-State ResidentsCreditsTuition per Term
Nonresident students who graduated from a New York state high school or received a NYS GED and who applied to the college within five years of graduation/GED may be eligible for in-state rates.
$638 per credit, less $295 ESC nonresident grant* for a net tuition charge of $343
$7,660 less $3,551 ESC nonresident grant for a net tuition charge of $4,109
$7,660 plus $638 for each additional credit over 16;
With ESC nonresident grant: $4,109 plus $343 for each credit over 16

*All nonresident students attending ESC are automatically eligible for an Empire State College nonresident tuition grant to offset their educational costs.

All enrolled students also are subject to the fees listed below:

Mandatory Fees per Term

College Fee $.85 per credit up to a $12.50 maximum
Student Activity Fee $6.25 per credit up to a $25 maximum
Technology Fee (formerly telecommunications fee) $150 per term
Health and Wellness Fee $15 per term for enrollments less than 12 credits
$35 per term for enrollments of 12+ credits

Other Related Fees

Orientation Fee $50 per application to the college
Portfolio (Assessment) Fee $315 at initial undergraduate matriculated enrollment (one time)
Individualized Prior Learning Assessment (IPLA) Fee For students whose first matriculated enrollment was January 2012 and later. Charged to students on a graduated scale between $350-$1,550 for the evaluation of prior learning. This fee is charged at the time a student's IPLA request is accepted at the student's center office of academic review and is nonrefundable once the request is accepted.
Individual Evaluation Fee (IEF) For students whose first matriculated term was prior to January 2012 only. $300 at second undergraduate matriculated enrollment (may be waived for students not requesting evaluation of prior learning credit)

Service-related Fees

Returned Check/Charge $20
Academic Transcript $5 per transcript (first-ever transcript is free)
Time Payment Plan $25 application fee per term
Late Registration Fee $30
Time Payment Plan Late Payment Fee


*Effective with the fall 2011 term, if you are a full-time student and eligible for a NYS TAP award, you may be eligible for an additional tuition credit to offset some or all of the increase in tuition. You will be notified from Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) if you will receive an award.

* Effective with the fall 2012 term, the tuition rate for active-duty military, guard, reservists and veterans is $245 per credit and all fees are waived.

Table of Total Tuition and Fee Costs Per Credit for NYS Resident Undergraduates

Table of Total Tuition and Fee Costs Per Credit for Out-of-State Undergraduates

Detailed Fee Information