Computer Literacy and Resources

Understanding how to effectively use computers and information systems is crucial to your success as a college student. Even if you never take any courses online, you will be expected to communicate via e-mail, write your assignments using word processing software and utilize college specific technologies. The resources below are links to relevant online tutorials for beginners and advanced computer users.

Knowledgebase – Empire State College maintains an extensive article database on computer use. This database covers computer-related topics of interest to all levels of computer users. It includes articles relevant to P.C. and Macintosh users. The links take you to selected samples of Knowledgebase articles.

Microsoft Self-paced Training – This Microsoft Web site includes free self-paced training courses for Office programs. These courses are provided using a variety of formats, including audio and video.

For additional support with computer literacy, please contact the director of academic support at your location.

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