Some verbs are action words: swim, realize, explain, taste, include, assure.

Other verbs do not show direct action but instead show abstract feelings or states. These verbs often act as links that add a description to a noun.

These verbs can be either action or linking:  taste, feel, smell, sound, look, appear, become, seem, grow, remain, stay.  Be aware of whether the word that follows these verbs is actually describing the subject/noun (linking) or the recipient of the action of the verb (action).  For example:  The soup tasted wonderful (soup = wonderful = linking).  I tasted the wonderful soup (soup does not describe the subject "I"; it is receiving the action of tasting = action). 

Tip:  Action verbs make for a stronger paper.
George Washington was the first President after he was the army general during the War for Independence.
George Washington led the newly-formed nation as its first President after he fought as general in the War for Independence. 

VerbExample of Indirect Link to Noun
is Harold is repetitive.
am Harold said, "I am repetitive, I AM repetitive."
been Harold's mother tells everyone, "He has always been repetitive for all of his adult life, starting at age twenty-two, most likely as a result of a psychological trauma he suffered when his father was sent to jail."
was Harold's repetitiveness was fostered when he got a boo-boo while visiting Bora Bora with the B'nai B'rith.
have I have, for twenty-two years, repeated myself too often not to realize I have a problem, a real problem," Harold whined.
feel "Harold, I feel as though I'm married to two people, both of whom like to eat couscous," his wife, Lulu, said.
became Harold became more willing to go to counseling when he realized that the only breath freshener he purchased was Sen-Sen, the only gum he chewed was Doublemint, and the only candy he ate was Jujubes.
seem Harold seemed to be improving toward singularity in 1996 but experienced a set-back when he went to Walla Walla, Washington, for what was a win-win business deal.

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