Official Student Transcript

  • a summary page of study/course work with GPA information
  • your degree program, if concurred at the time of the transcript request
  • copies of contract evaluations of all successfully completed studies/courses prior to November 2011
  • a GETA (General Education Transcript Addendum), if your transcript is going to a SUNY school.

Effective with the Fall 1 2015 term, the summary page will include, from the Fall 1 2015 term forward, all grades awarded by the college, including grades of A to D- and F, as well as pass (P), no pass (NP), incomplete (IN), student-initiated withdrawal (WD), administrative withdrawal (ZW), repeated studies/courses and studies/courses in progress.

For studies/courses taken prior to the Fall 1 2015 term, the summary includes grades for successfully completed studies/courses only.

Note: Your degree program becomes part of your transcript, once it has been concurred.

Visit the Office of the Registrar website for information on Requesting Your SUNY Empire State College Transcript.

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