Participating Partners

SUNY Empire State College (ESC) has partnered with many corporations, businesses, community organizations and associations to provide high-quality, affordable education to working adults. Employees, members and students of partner organizations are eligible to receive partnership benefits. Below is our growing list of participating partners. 

Partnership benefits are available to employees, members and students of partnering corporate and community organizations.

If you are an employer, community organization or company interested in hearing more about this unique opportunity, please contact Kelly Mollica, Director of Partnerships in the Office of Partnerships at 800-847-3000, ext. 2851, or email

If you are interested in becoming a student and your employer or organization is already a partner, contact SUNY Empire State College for information about enrolling.

Participating Partners

Academic and Graduate Partners

Community College Partners

Community Partners

Corporate Partners

Government Agency Partners

Healthcare Partners

Labor Partners

Military and Veteran Education Partners  


Participating Government Organizations, Associations and Unions

Current Empire State College Professional Learning Evaluations

A SUNY Empire Professional Learning Evaluation (PLE) is a college-credit recommendation developed by SUNY Empire for college-level learning acquired outside of a college or university, such as an on-the-job training program. A SUNY Empire matriculated student who presents the necessary documentation may incorporate the recommended credit into an SUNY Empire degree program proposal, subject to any other applicable academic policies. All SUNY Empire professional learning evaluation credit recommendations are available to any matriculated student in the college. Review the Professional Learning Evaluation (PLE) page for a list of current PLEs.