Updates Regarding the Student Accounting Records and Payment System

The progress of this work will be communicated on MyESC, Student Accounts.

Individualized Prior Learning Assessment (iPLA) Fee

If your first matriculation enrollment was prior to January 2012, you will be charged the Individual Evaluation fee (IEF) instead of the iPLA fee.

The individualized prior learning assessment (iPLA) fee is charged to students:

The fee is based upon the number of credits requested by the student and is charged in the increments shown below.*

Total Requested Credits Total Charges

1-8 credits

9-16 credits $650
17-24 credits $950
25-32 credits $1,250
33+ credits $1,550

*Students are not required to submit all PLA requests at the same time.Charges are assessed as requests are accepted and increment levels change.

Incurring Fees

When completing the PLA submission process, a message appears informing students that they are incurring iPLA fee liability. By submitting their iPLA requests, a student is acknowledging their liability for the nonrefundable iPLA fee for all PLAs that they submit at Empire State College, agreeing to all terms and conditions, and authorizing the appropriate charges to their account. The fees will be charged to the student’s account when the Center Office of Academic Review (COAR) accepts the submissions from a student’s mentor. An email notifying students of the charge will be sent at the time the charges are posted. At that time, students should review their student account statement from the Student Accounts page on MyESC. Charges will be added onto the term for which registration is currently open.

Making Payment

Payment is due immediately upon charges being assessed to a student's account. Students may use excess pending financial aid to pay iPLA fees, thereby decreasing the aid refunded to them. Students may also make payment from the Student Accounts page on MyESC or enroll in the Time Payment Plan, which breaks the iPLA fee charges into three installment payments. Accounts will be considered past due if payment or payment arrangements are not in place by the term start date.

Fees Added During a Period of Non-enrollment

There are a few days when the add/drop period is closed for one term and registration has not yet opened for the next term. During those few days, iPLA fees will be charged to the next term. If iPLA fees have been added to a term that a student will not be attending, he or she may request that those fees be moved to their next term of attendance, when financial aid is in place. These requests must be submitted to Student Accounts at studentaccounts@esc.edu and approved on a case-by-case basis.

Past Due Accounts/Registration Holds

Student Accounts discontinued sending paper term bills in the fall of 2014. If a student does not make payment or payment arrangements for his or her iPLA fees, his or her account will become past due and past due bills will be received from Accounts Receivable. Accounts that are past due will have a financial hold that will prevent students from accessing services such as registration or receiving transcripts.

For any student submitting iPLA requests that have an existing past due account balance, the iPLA requests will not be accepted. These iPLA requests will be returned to DRAFT status. Once the financial hold is cleared, students will need to resubmit their iPLA request for review. Accounts Receivable may be contacted at 518-587-2100, ext. 2320 or accounts.receivable@esc.edu for account balance information.

For details about the PLA process, visit the Individualized Prior Learning Assessment Guide.


Contact the Student Information Center at 518-587-2100 or 800-847-3000.


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